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Dramatic Healing
Magical Transformation with VortexHealing® Divine Energy Healing

As its name implies, energy healing focuses on energy and the role it plays in shaping our present physical, emotional, and psychological lives.  Along with our genetic and karmic history, these make up our human energy system, a highly organized and fluid structure that interfaces all of our thoughts, feelings and behavior with the physical world around us.


This constant and evolving interface between the thoughts we think, the emotions we feel, and the actions we take create the outer circumstances of our life.  This external reality then acts like a mirror that reflects our inner experience, creating a seamless feedback loop. Usually, we go on living our life unaware of this subtle distinction thinking life is just something “out there” that happens to us.  If everything is “good”, then there are no problems.  But what happens when something “bad” or unwanted comes into our life?  Suddenly we are swept up into the drama of it, wanting to change or get rid of it, and afraid on some level that it is out of our control.


From an energetic perspective, fear, negative thinking, and unhealthy habits are all forms of energy that create tension patterns in the mind and body.  If left unaddressed, these patterns build up over time creating significant blocks that can manifest as physical pain, emotional suffering, unfulfilling relationships, or disease.


The goal of my work as an Energy Healer and Teacher is to give your Being the space and awareness it needs to see this drama for what it is, so that you may disengage from it and come to know who you really are.  As you experience the truth of who you are, external reality begins to mirror this newfound level of freedom and peace creating its own divine feedback loop.


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