Individual Energy Healing

A typical session involves you and I discussing what is going on for you and what you would like the healing to focus on.  These can range from physical ailments, emotional issues, or problems at work or in a relationship.  Then, while you are seated or laying down in a restful position, I channel divine energy and consciousness.  During the healing, we may talk about any insights, sensations or images that are arising from the healing.  The entire session lasts 75 minutes.


Distance Sessions

Similar to an in-person healing, distance sessions take place over the phone or internet with you in the comforts of your own home.  I have done distance healings for clients all over the United States and abroad including Seattle, Los Angeles, San Francisco, New York City, India and London.




Individual session - $150

3-session package - $400

5-session packge - $625


Enneagram workshops - $40


Group Healing, Sliding Scale $25-$40

*All sessions must be paid in advance. By submitting payment, you agree to provide 24-hour cancellation notice.  If you fail to do so, you agree to pay the full appointment fee.

**For Distance Group Healings, you will be included in the group field, whether you participate on Zoom or not.

Workshops and Group Healings

Group healings can be done either in-person or at a distance.  You need not be physically present to participate.  Group healings are a great way to try energy healing, in order to focus on one issue that the entire group can reflect on.


Transforming the Enneagram of Enlightened Consciousness


The Enneagram is more than personality typology.  It is a map of reality.  As such, it illuminates the path from separation consciousness--the parts of our personality that think, feel and behave as if we are a separate someone, to one of unity consciousness where we see the Oneness in everything manifested as a variety of forms. In his book, The Facets of Unity, A.H. Almaas describes nine universal ways we get deluded by egoic thinking, and how they can lead us to nine ways of objectively experiencing Oneness from the perspective of enlightened consciousness. 


In this 9-month series of workshops and group healings, we will use the tools of VortexHealing® to transform these nine egoic fixations so that each enneatype’s deeper, spiritual truths can be realized. By bringing these mental and emotional patterns to our conscious awareness, we can release any relevant areas of conditioning and live from a place of real action instead of re-action.


There are two versions of the workshop to choose from. In both groups, there will be a guided meditation to “meet” the issue, a discussion of each fixation and its Divine expression, a series of self-inquiry exercises, and a group healing:


  1. In the “Work on Yourself” Group (for students of VortexHealing® only), I will release the most significant Choice Point for each type’s fixation while you channel on yourself for further release.  

  2. In the version open to everyone, I will lead a broader group healing on each month’s topic.


For those who would like to experience a typical workshop, I will lead an introductory workshop on Sunday, April 25 on the topic of Basic Trust. To register and reserve your spot, email me at

[Note: I studied with Hameed Ali (pen name A.H. Almaas) as a member of Diamond Heart from 1992-1997 and am deeply inspired by his teachings and writings. Students of VortexHealing® may be familiar with his work if they have read Suzanne Segal’s book Collision with the Infinite as he was one of the first people to tell her she was not going crazy, she was Awake.]

When: The Second Weekend of Every Month

Cost: $40

Email me to register and reserve your spot. Space is limited.

House Clearings

Sometimes what is needed is a Divine energy clearing of one's home, place of work, or other frequented space that has accumulated the emotional charge and lived experience of people, pets and groups.  Individual rates and times vary.