Individual Energy Healing

A typical session involves you and I discussing what is going on for you and what you would like the healing to focus on.  These can range from physical ailments, emotional issues, or problems at work or in a relationship.  Then, while you are seated or laying down in a restful position, I channel divine energy and consciousness.  During the healing, we may talk about any insights, sensations or images that are arising from the healing.  The entire session usually lasts about 75-90 minutes.


Distance Sessions

Similar to an in-person healing, distance sessions take place over the phone or internet with you in the comforts of your own home.  I have done distance healings for clients all over the United States and abroad including Seattle, Los Angeles, San Francisco, New York City, India and London.




Individual session - Sliding Scale $60-$150

Suggested Package Deals

3 sessions - $325.00

5 sessions - $500.00


Group Healings - Sliding Scale $15-$40

Email me for alternative payment options, including Venmo.

Group Healings

Group healings can be done either in-person or at a distance.  You need not be physically present to participate.  Group healings are a great way to try energy healing, in order to focus on one issue that the entire group can reflect on.  No internet or phone connection is needed.


The next remote group healing will be:



A Wizard “Work on Yourself” Group (For students and practitioners of VortexHealing)

Session 3/9

Saturday, August 8 from 11am-1pm PST


Sunday, August 9 from 4-6pm PST

Cost: $40

Email me to reserve your spot:

Group Healing for the general pubic

Two sessions to choose from:

Sunday, August 16 from 1-2pm PST


Sunday, July 19 from 5-6pm PST

Sliding Scale $15-$40


Most of us would like to experience more peace, especially in these times.  The challenge is, we have this incessant inner voice that constantly judges our experience—what we are thinking, feeling and doing, while berating us about how things should be. What is more, we think this is the right way to relate to ourselves, and that it is for our own good. When we begin to feel into this hurtful and evaluative mode of being, we notice an underlying state of anger that rejects some aspect of ourselves or our experience, refusing to allow and love what is.


In this workshop/group healing, we will transform the aspect of your personality that keeps you identified with this ever-present voice of the overseer, and clear any relevant emotional and present life conditioning that blocks the dynamic flow of your True Nature. When we are able to allow this energy of pure Being without judging it, then we can begin to relate to what is arising in our experience with serenity, openness and acceptance.

Email me to register and reserve your spot. Space is strictly limited.

House Clearings

Sometimes what is needed is a Divine energy clearing of one's home, place of work, or other frequented space that has accumulated the emotional charge and lived experience of people, pets and groups.  Individual rates and times vary.

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