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When I received my first healing from Johnny Klein, I was flabbergasted. Though we were working at a distance, I could feel everything he was doing from the minute we began. For an hour, I lay there amazed as this incredibly potent energy traveled around my body/system. And at the exact end of the hour, boom: it stopped, my eyes popped open and the phone rang with Johnny on the other end. I picked up and said, laughing and incredulous, “What?!” And he laughed back, “I know!” We were acknowledging the  , almost shocking potency of VortexHealing. And it’s really like nothing else I’ve ever experienced. I felt like I’d had both the world’s deepest massage and a record-breaking therapy session combined. (Word to the wise: definitely leave yourself time to integrate on the other end, because Johnny moves mountains.) The technique he uses is so powerful, and Johnny himself is as bright and warm and loving and gifted as you could imagine. The buoyant good energy that radiates from him could power a fleet of hot air balloons. He’s a natural born healer, and he’s loaded up with an abundance of skills that you just don’t find many places. I’d trust him with my tenderest stuff, and I refer people his way whenever I can. I wish Johnny’s healing magic on the whole world!


~Tina R., Seattle, WA

I’ve done several sessions with Johnny Klein, one in person and two remote.  My experience has been overwhelmingly positive.   The best way I can describe it is to say that it feels like I’m getting my karmic battery charged by clearing out negative energy.  It’s really helped actualize for me the mistakes I keep repeating, the lessons I’ve already learned and allowed me to let go.  Johnny is extremely insightful, non judgmental and a very strong, grounded conduit.  I’ve sent my friends his way and they have come back to thank me and gone back to him as well.  I’m looking forward to my next session! Thanks Johnny.


~Hilary K., Los Angeles, CA

I didn’t know Johnny before our long distance session, but he sure seemed to know me.  His ability to tap into the energy field of his clients is extraordinary.  By the time the vortex portion of our session was complete, Johnny was able to articulate obstacles and limiting beliefs that I’d been holding onto for lifetimes.  Over the next few days a certain anxiety I’d been carrying for longer than I could remember lifted and my ability to be present in my life increased dramatically.  As I write this, almost two months later, I continue to revel in the freedom from that anxiety and those particular limiting beliefs that Johnny uncovered and released. 


~Morgan R., Bliss Advocate and Life Coach, Seattle, WA

I didn’t know what to expect from my session with Johnny. I had never heard of Vortex Healing but I thought what have I got to lose? Afterward I felt clearer. I grounded and more connected to myself/the universe in a deeply profound way. I never realized this feeling of connection existed. It is otherworldly. Johnny is TUNED IN! I always feel supported and protected with Johnny. Each time I work with him he gives suggestions that help take the clearing further into my daily life–writing exercises, books, movies etc. that really help me to deepen the experience.  I’m so grateful that I took the leap to work with Johnny. I feel clearer, more at peace with who I am and a true connection to the Universe.


~Alissa F., Los Angeles, CA

Johnny is gifted with an exceptional capacity to bridge healing energy to his client. He is not only great at tapping energies, but also can bring our awareness into a deep therapeutic process. I have received healing from him several times and I am always astonished with his ability to sense and identify what it is that keeps me from becoming a whole person. Before and after the session, he engaged me with his compassionate inquiry to prepare for and integrate a healing. He does not try to define issues that I have or am trying to work on, instead he holds a space for exploration. In my most recent sessions, the healing process awakened my deeply held beliefs/conditioning that I didn’t even know existed! During the session, he explained every step of the way so that I could understand what was happening and feel the energies. Conversation afterwards helped clarify and deepen my understanding of the issues and he gave me helpful suggestions to do further work on issues. I highly recommend Johnny to anyone who is open to receiving the magic of this healing modality.


- Nozomi, Berkeley, CA

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