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Ever since I was a boy, I knew there was something more to life, something “else” out there that most of the people around me seemed unaware of.  I didn’t have language for it then, but it was definitely something spiritual and something real. 



After graduating from college, I spent the next twenty years writing, performing, and directing original work for theatre and film.  For me, the creative act was a spiritual activation, as I learned to be wholly present in my body, to identify and express emotions with nonattachment, and to be open to something larger than myself that could write the words, act the speech, and direct the play.


A fairly traumatic event in my life led me to Vortex Healing and the result of that first session was so dramatic and profound that I knew I had to study this healing art for myself.  I may not have known it then, but my physical life and my spiritual search were becoming one, so that now I can no longer distinguish between the two.  Instead of experiencing a sense of duality between my physical self here and something spiritual “out there”, now there is an undeniable connection between my physical experience of life with a palpable spiritual reality that is here and everywhere simultaneously.  This truth is reinforced every time I give a healing session to a client.  No matter what is going on for me that day, when I am in the presence of this healing energy it magically transforms the entire experience so that the client and I, and everything and everyone we come in contact with is changed from that moment on.

     I feel more connected to a deeper version or vision of myself than I ever thought was possible.  My life is no longer a haphazard, random series of events with only me and my self-interests at the center, but one in which a larger, more graceful, loving and intimately alive presence continuously weaves itself through me like a mischievous and kind fabric never leaving me alone

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